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Schuerman Smith and Associates, PLLC was founded by Kimberly Schuerman Smith in 2008. Ashley Schuerman Bennett joined the firm in 2012. After the passing of Kimberly Schuerman Smith in October 2016 after a brief battle with cancer, Ashley has continued her mother’s legacy of helping residents in the Mid-South.

SSA Law Firm will help reduce the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling after you have been in a serious accident, car crash or injured due to negligence. You deserve to recover without being overwhelmed with financial worries.

The experienced team at SSA Law Firm will listen to the facts, ask the right questions in order to build your case and explain the best options that are available to you.




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Our Team

Ashley Schuerman Bennett


Ashley attended the University of Alabama where she graduated cum laude with a degree in American Studies and public relations.

Amy Beanblossom

Social Security Case Manager

Amy manages the Social Security Department of Schuerman Smith & Associates PLLC.

Dale Smith

Case Manager

Case Manager, Dale Smith has over 20 years of experience working in the personal injury field.

Marilyn Anglin

Office Manager

The first voice you hear when you call Schuerman Smith & Associates PLLC may very well be Marilyn’s